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Frederic Duclose

Contemporary Craftsmanship Meets Timeless Tradition

An Elegant necklace
Frederic Duclos is well known for the modernity and intricacy of his designs.

Frederic Duclos spent his childhood in the beautiful regions of Southeastern France. His family designed accessories, and this upbringing unsurprisingly developed into a passion for art and sculpture. After completing schooling in Paris, he spent his last year of college in California, where he met his wife, Karen. In 1984, he and Karen created their family owned design studio. Since then, Frederic Duclos has become an award winning designer. His contemporary sterling jewelry exudes both sensuality and femininity, and is all carefully crafted with Frederic’s close attention to detail. This can be seen from the gems he uses in each piece of jewelry to the artistry of his designs.


For over 30 years now, Frederic Duclos has presented collections that continue to inspire artists and jewelers around the world. Each award he receives encourages a new collection with fresh additions and concepts. At Covington and Company Jewelry, you can see his unique collections in person as well as take part in artistry that can be worn every day.


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Southern Gates

Southern Gates Oak Tree Bangle Bracelet
Southern Gates offers a modern take on old world beauty.

Across the United States, but especially in South Carolina, decorative ironwork can be found in balconies, vents, stair railings, and more. In Charleston, South Carolina, ironwork found in the city can be traced back to Revolutionary War times, some dating as far back as 1739. The designs often feature flower and leaf patters as well as fleur-de-lis and scrolls. This ironwork is showcased in the city’s churches and community structures and is the inspiration of Southern Gates’ intricate sterling silver collections. Southern Gates’ delicate designs honor the skills of past artisans who created beauty from the iron in their forges. Southern Gates’ series are distinctive while also feeling familiar, and Covington and Company Jewelry offers timeless pieces from these collections that can be worn as earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets.