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Estate Jewelry

Breathe New Life into Old Treasures

Close up of estate jewelry
Estate jewelry is unique with a level of craftsmanship unmatched by most modern jewelry.

What is estate jewelry? Generally less than 100 years old, previously owned, and from any number of periods in history, estate jewelry is unlike most of today’s jewelry, which is mass produced in large quantities. Each piece of estate jewelry is unique and has its own story to tell. Covington and Company Jewelry has a vast collection of pieces that we’ve found around the world, each different from the next. True fashion is all about self expression, and estate jewelry can help elevate your style to highlight pieces that are unique to you and you alone.


At Covington and Company Jewelry, we believe in finishing stories. Each piece in our store has started its story and it’s up to our customers to finish them! We make sure each item we receive is equipped to be well loved before its new journey by examining the structure and ensuring it passes all in-store inspections by our certified professionals.


Have a story to sell? We buy gold, silver, and estate jewelry all the time! If you have a piece that’s just not your style or you’ve grown out of, bring it in to our staff at Covington and Company Jewelry. We can offer you a price for your previously loved item or help you find a new one.


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Estate Periods

Before beginning your next hunt for a comment worthy piece, it helps to understand what you might be looking for. Whether you’re into louder, bolder pieces or enjoy clean lines and intricate details, Covington and Company Jewelry has an estate period for you!


Edwardian: Originating in 1901 – 1910, you’ll love Edwardian Jewelry if you’re a fan of pearls and diamonds in delicate patterns. Jewelry of this period was made popular by Princess Alexandria, the wife of Prince Edward. This time period is known for its elegance and sophistication, as it was the extreme wealth of the upper class that drove sales and designs.


Art Nouveau: Taking place 1880 – 1910, jewelry of the Art Nouveau period juxtaposed the increase use of technology in this time by depicting art and nature. You’ll love pieces from this period if you enjoy floral and winding vine motifs.


Art Deco: Like Art Nouveau, Art Deco originated in France. This time period spans from 1918 to 1938 and includes a large use of platinum, colored stones, and diamonds. If you prefer more symmetry in your pieces, you’ll love the geometric designs of this period.


Retro: This time period takes place 1938 – 1948, occurring during both the Great Depression and World War II. Surprisingly, however, this period is marked by bold and bright designs, commonly referred to as “cocktail” jewelry. Women in this time period loved the jewelry depicted on the silver screens of Hollywood, and were looking for bright pieces in dark times. You’ll find yourself drawn to this period if you love large, statement rings, vibrant designs, and gold.